Distinguished Scientists,

We will be pleased and honored to meet you again in our congress to be held in Zeytinburnu Hilton Hotel stanbul on 28-29 NOVEMBER 2020. The congress to be held for the sixth time will cover the current and multidimensional matters in various sectors regarding economy, agriculture, commerce, law, finance, development, business administration and policy. Below topics will be emphasized mostly in the congress; economics, business administration, international policy and relations, commercial law, agricultural administration, agricultural policies, agricultural publication and communication, rural development, organization, production economy, entrepreneurship, climate change and environmental economy. The purpose of these above-mentioned topics is to address current problems and matters, to evaluate global and local developments, to perform the cultural exchange between scientists, to create collaborations and to develop the projects that will lead the solution offers for the problems. This congress will be the third one to be held earlier due to the increasing demand after the second one and the preparations are set for an earlier date. Economy is a universal science and concerns all countries closely on global scale. Agricultural and industrial sectors have been in the process of development and change in addition to the sectoral developments in the economy in the 21st century and the services ensuring the continuity of life. On the other hand, social development sustains in this process and efforts are made to have nutrition, accommodation and clothing –i.e. life – qualified with sectoral events. Therefore, investments at different scales and the sanctions from different sources are applied by using today’s technology, sector-dedicated works and policies are maintained with the strategic perspective and orientation. The lack of studies directed to the removal of existing problems through the policies followed today and the troubles negatively affect the sectoral development and make the planned economic structuring obligatory. In this congress, the participation of the scientists who have contributed to the scientific literature in many fields like agriculture, service and industrial management and shed light on these areas with their knowledge is expected. In this regard, the purpose of the congress is to bring solutions for the problems. It is highly important to determine the problems in different disciplines, to create solution offers and to present them to the practitioners. We invite all the participations who have performed studies in this field to our Congress and hope that the works will be fruitful for our country’s and world economies and people.

Prof. Dr. Ayhan AYTAÇ

Head of the Congress